Helping Those Injured by Defective Medical Products in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area and throughout Missouri and Illinois

You trust the makers of pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices to put a safe product on the market for you to use when you are ill or injured. Yet, each year many medical products are determined to be unsafe and cause more harm than good. This can create life-threatening conditions, immense pain and suffering, and expensive medical bills for injured victims.

If you or a loved one were hurt or died due to a medicine or medical device, you may have a claim against a pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturer for the injuries you have sustained. It is important to seek legal counsel if you are concerned that a medicine or medical product caused your injuries.

How Do Unsafe Medicines and Medical Products Reach the Market?

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers do not follow established safe practices and do not adequately test medications and medical devices before selling them. Sometimes these manufacturers know about the potential dangers and still move forward with putting them on the market. Other times, information is withheld during the FDA approval process.

In some cases, people are injured by the manufacturer’s failure to use proper warnings and labels, which would alert doctors, pharmacists, and patients of drug interaction, adverse reactions, and side effects. With medical devices, liability can also occur when a device is properly designed and approved, but the manufacturer fails to adhere to the design.

Contact a St. Louis Dangerous Medicine and Medical Products Lawyer

Being injured by a medical product can be devastating to one’s health. Medicine and medical device lawsuits should not be handled by someone without the proper legal training and experience in this area of law.

If your pharmaceutical or medical device claim were to go to trial, medical experts would need to be brought in to testify to your injuries. These cases are difficult and expensive to pursue and should not be undertaken by someone unfamiliar with medicine and the complex law involved in these types of legal proceedings.

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