Providing the Highest Quality of Criminal Defense Throughout Missouri

Being arrested and charged with a crime can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life, especially if you have never had any involvement with the criminal justice system. In this situation, your freedom, finances, and reputation are on the line, so you should call for help from a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

The experienced attorneys at Kilo Flynn understand how intimidating and confusing the criminal system can be. We can represent your rights from the moment of your arrest and throughout every step of your case.

Defending Against a Wide Variety of Criminal Charges

Missouri law sets out many different criminal offenses, each with its own elements and potential legal defenses. When handling your case, it is critical to have an attorney who understands how to defend against the specific allegations you face. At Kilo Flynn, our attorneys have the knowledge and ability to handle many types of criminal cases, including:

  • Felony charges
  • Misdemeanor charges
  • Suspended or Revoked Driver’s License
  • Drug and Narcotic Possession
  • Vehicular Homicide
  • Assault
  • White Collar Crime
  • Internal Investigations
  • Tax Evasion

We take an extremely personalized approach toward building the most effective defense in your case based on your specific charges and the circumstances of your arrest.

Helping You Avoid Harsh Criminal Penalties

Criminal laws in our state allow for harsh penalties for most criminal charges, which can include the following:

  • Imprisonment
  • Probation
  • Loss of your driver’s license
  • Costly fines and court costs

In addition to the penalties listed above, a criminal conviction can have long-lasting effects on your life, including difficulties getting a job, buying a house, or renting an apartment. Our attorneys can present legal defenses, negotiate with prosecutors, and take any other necessary steps to reduce or eliminate the consequences you face. In addition, our extensive courtroom experience means that will not hesitate to take your case to trial if justice demands it.

Call a Highly Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney in St. Louis Today

If you have been accused of a crime in St. Louis City or County, St. Charles, Jefferson, or Franklin Counties or any surrounding municipalities, you should contact the criminal defense attorneys at Kilo Flynn as soon as possible. In many cases, our attorneys are able to help you avoid the most serious repercussions of a criminal case and keep a conviction from being entered on your record. To schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers, call our office today at 314-647-8910.