Representing Spouses Seeking Divorce in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area and throughout Missouri and Illinois

The process of getting a divorce can be extraordinarily difficult. It is a time of great uncertainty, and you probably have dozens of questions. Who will get the house? The car? How will your children and other family members react? What will your life be like after the divorce is over?

A knowledgeable divorce attorney can answer these questions and make the process go much more smoothly than it would if you tried to proceed without the assistance of a lawyer. There are many reasons why a person would want to be represented by an attorney during the divorce process, even if the divorce is uncontested, including the following:

  • An attorney will be looking out for your best interest regarding any issue that may arise
  • A lawyer will provide you with a rational and emotionally uninvolved perspective regarding any disputes you may have
  • Dividing property is almost always a task that requires professional help even in the most amicable of cases.
  • Retaining an attorney will ensure that your rights are protected
Helping Clients Along Every Step of the Way

At Kilo Flynn, we are committed to providing solution-oriented and effective representation to individuals going through divorce. This includes many types of many types of legal actions and issues, including:

  • Filing for divorce
  • Proving the legal requirements of divorce have been met
  • Division of assets, including division of assets and high asset cases
  • Child custody issues
  • Child support issues
  • Alimony determinations
  • Temporary spousal maintenance issues
  • Settlement negotiations

We handle all types of divorce cases, whether they be uncontested or contested and likely to result in litigation. (In Missouri, the correct legal term is “Dissolution of Marriage,” although most people, including attorneys, still refer to the process by the familiar term, divorce.) It is important to use an attorney in order to make sure that your divorce is properly filed. Failure to follow the procedural steps set forth in the law could mean that your divorce is never finalized. This will create nothing but a headache down the road.

Hiring the divorce attorneys at Kilo Flynn means that you can be sure that your divorce settlement is fair to you. Once the divorce is final, you cannot change the terms of the settlement. If your spouse has an attorney, know that they are not also your attorney. Each spouse typically needs his or her own lawyer.

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At Kilo Flynn, we understand the stress that comes with a divorce, and we understand that our divorce clients are entrusting us with an important and sensitive matter.

The attorneys of Kilo Flynn practice throughout Missouri and Illinois and are ready to assist you with your divorce. For a free initial consultation, call 314-647-8910.